I Am Meow Open to Finding My (Cat) Soulmate

cat soulmate valentine2Sometimes, you need to put positive energy out into the world acknowledging that you are—at long last—ready for a deep and meaningful commitment. With a cat.

I have decided that I am now ready to share my living space with a cat. But not just any cat. I don’t want to adopt a cat for the sake of getting a cat. What I’m looking for is a spiritual bond. Love at furs sight. I’m ready to find a cat that looks at me and says, “You. You are my human.”

My soulmate cat may find me, one way or another. But I’m not above putting myself meowt there. Going to adoption events. Hanging out at shelters.

Know a good cat(ch) and want to play matchmaker? My ideal cat is female, small, preferably not orange—I’m a sucker for unique-looking cats—with a passive, calm purrsonality. Not a kitten, maybe an adult cat that’s one or two years old.

If you’re also looking to adopt a new furry best friend, the best online cat match resource I can recommend is Petfinder. It’s a great way to see all of the cats in your area that need a good home. (Just in my area, there are SIX THOUSAND cats up for adoption. That’s insane. On a completely unrelated note: How much space do you think I would need to adopt six thousand cats?)

Even if you’re looking for a specific breed and you think you’re just going to need to shell out cash for a breeder, try Petfinder first. Scottish Folds? On Petfinder. Russian Blues? On Petfinder. Siamese? Petfinder. ONE-EYED CATS? THIS IS NOT A EUPHEMISM, MY FRIEND. PETFINDER.

Not big on internet dating—I mean “cat finding?”

On the off-chance you’re in the DC-area, check in regularly at PetMAC in Friendship Heights. They work with a rescue in Virginia to have adoptable cats just running free around the shop.

Not in DC? Check and see if there’s a cat café near you! If they work with a rescue, that’s a good way to meet an adoptable cat in purrson to see if you mesh.

Goats Are My New Spirit Animal

I used to think my spirit animal was the corgi. Small legs. Close to the ground. Super excited about everything.

However, I’ve been making a lot of changes lately. And I think it’s time for a new spirit animal. Entre goats.

Pug & Goat 4evEr
Me and my goat friend after he came around the barn to find me.

Yesterday, I went to the open house at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, MD. I held a chicken for the first time. I was like, “HOW DO I PET YOU WITH FEATHERS?” And the chicken was all, “You got this.”

But the goats. At first, the herds of goats just took one look at me, said “Nope,” and trotted away. It was like high school all over again.

On my way back to the barn, I encountered a large older goat–who I would guess was newer to the sanctuary since he was just skin and bones. He just stood there and let me scratch his back and rub the underside of his neck. This goat did not seem to care much for people. Or other goats. Or anything, really.

Background: I am well-known amongst my social circles for winning over dogs with my excellent massages. I have researched how to become a professional dog masseuse, but the programs are either kind of shady or involve learning how to massage people first. Pass.

So this goat was getting the full Pug Mugsly treatment. But eventually, I had to go. I made my way around the barn, and got distracted petting another goat and taking this picture on my way out:

Hashtag no filter. Also, reminds me of a unicorn.
Hashtag no filter. Also, reminds me of a unicorn.

And then suddenly, another goat comes bursting into view. It was my goat friend from before. He went looking for me! It could have been a coincidence, but I’m choosing to believe it wasn’t. The whole time I’d been waiting to enter the goat field, he hadn’t once appeared around the front of the barn. And this goat kind of tossed his horns in excitement when he found me.

Of course, this was rewarded with more petting. (See photo at top of post.)

After researching goats when I got home, I learned that goats are actually super smart and very graceful. They also have those badass horns and aren’t insanely codependent like sheep.

Goats. My new spirit animal.